EDITORIAL: ‘All That Glitters’ in Nashville

When stylist and creative director, Amber Curry, asked me to participate in this cool photo shoot, I jumped at the idea. Amber is an amazing hair stylist who believes that all women are beautiful no matter size or shape. Every quarter she creates an amazing photo shoot not only showcasing BOSS BABES but spotlighting her amazing ability to style hair.

Amber is the texture queen, and loves to make sure the world knows that NATURAL hair is the best hair. This shoot, titled “All That Glitters” is a celebration of sparkle and shape! It was so fun shooting at the famous ‘Nashville’ sign with these awesome ladies. Our hair was styled by Amber and the shoot was her vision. Shot by Bob James Photography, this was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done.

Usually, I plan out my shoots. But having Amber tell me what I was gonna wear, how my hair would be styles, and the vibe she wanted me to embrace was different, yet exhilarating. Sometimes, it’s ok let someone else take over. Amber’s vision pushed me outside my comfort zone in the best way. Doing this shoot, I realized I wanted to be a bit more edgy in the future. As someone who quit her job to make a change, it was time for me try something new.

Shirt: Rebdolls, Skirt: ASOS, Jewelry: Charlotte Russe, Glasses: Styles Boutique

How fitting of me to hold this frame as I break through the status quo of life. I often get nervous when I have to pose with other people. I’m telling you, this shoot pushed me ALL THE WAY THROUGH! I didn’t want to be in my head too much, I wanted to feel the moment as it was happen. When you do something different, be prepared to be uncomfortable, but don’t prepare to stay  there. Let life lead you through to an amazing outcome!

Thanks to Amber for inviting me to create this BLACK GIRL MAGIC! Expect more exciting and different shoots coming this summer. My creativity has been sparked and I ready to roll. Remember, All That Glitters is not gold, but all that sparkles is magic untold!

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Photos by Bob James Photography

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