MY LIFE: 25 Random Things About Me

Hola Fab Family! Sorry for the lack of posts. I had a family emergency I had to deal with. Family comes before posts. After the family was secure I thought I’d give you guys a YouTube video and a style post. Yay, a two for one special! Let’s get into it:

I thought these cheerful photos, taken by D. Brown Photography, were the perfect greeting for summer. I’m so happy that the 90’s fashions are on trend. Listen, that was my time and I can now flourish properly (cuz I’m a grown-up and I have money). This overall style dress from ASOS and cute striped shirt set the town for our shoot in East Nashville.

I just shared that the 90’s were my favorite season of fashion, so I thought I’d share 25 Random Things About me on my YouTube channel! It was kinda hard to come up with 25 facts about myself, but the video came out really fun. So far, I’ve had a couple people surprised by my facts. In the video I shared that my favorite food is chocolate chip cookies and my that I love being the tallest woman in the room.

So, check out my newest video and if you haven’t subscribed, make sure to subscribe to my channel. I post new video every week! Of course I talk about fashion, but I vlog too. You can now experience a new leve of the Fabglance lifestyle – I’m just fun! LOL!

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