FAB CHOICES for Amazon Prime Day!

MY STYLE: FAB CHOICES for Amazon Prime Day!

Who’s Ready to Shop!

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Yup, this is pretty much a post about shopping, and looking at photos of me looking cute! LOL! Anyway, Amazon Prime day is an exclusive day for Prime members to get AMAZING deals on things that they love. If you are like me, a Prime member, your cart stays full with things you need and things you want. The glory of Amazon Prime is that most of your items come to your doorstep within 48 hours. I’ve been known to order toilet paper, fruit snacks, and sheet masks all in the same day. I’m sure the Amazon driver thinks I’m crazy.

Below, I share some FAB CHOICES for my FAB FAMILY on Amazon Prime day.

Don’t have Amazon Prime, click here, to sign-up. 
Now, let’s get shopping!

Outfit Details: Top – Runway Boutique, Skirt – Torrid, Bag – Forever 21, Glasses – Amazon

CUTE CLOTHES/ACCESSORIES – Of course I had to select some CUTE clothes that are available on sale during Prime Day. Shopping Tip – Make sure you are ordering clothes from the US and not asia. You already know, those asian sizes will hurt your feelings:


When you can’t decide on clothes, just watch tv or listen to music!

GREAT ENTERTAINMENT – The best thing about Amazon Prime is the access to FREE music & entertainment. Here’s a couple of my fave new projects available on Prime


Who doesn’t like searching Amazon for weird stuff?

FUN STUFF/WEIRD STUFF –When you get a gift certificate or a few extra buck, you wander to the fun/weird side of Amazon. Check out some of items I found for Prime Day.

Tell me what you are buying for Prime Day. Leave your choices in the comment section!

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