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MY STYLE: Do It Afraid!

Hola Fab Family! Welcome! Stretch out and walk around; do you see anything you like? Why, yes, yes we do have a new site design! And is it FABULOUS! The whole experience is a metaphor in how my life is going right now: DO IT, DO IT AFRAID, You’ll be ok! So this week’s MY STYLE post is all about how, even with fear you can do something fab!

For the last year I have been lamenting on how to make FABGLANCE.COM more fabulous. Truth be told, my coins are limited and all the great web designers I called, wanted BIG BUCKS (no whammies).  I tried to redo the design on my own, but my mind would freeze. I didn’t have the patience to take eight years worth of content to a new spot. If  you blog, you know that migrating content is a coin toss. You could lose EVERYTHING, jack up your analytics, and/or end up killing everyone around you.

In addition, my new life as a full-time blogger has been difficult, to say the least. I’ve doubted myself more times than I could count. So, the decision to make another change, that would ultimately make me a BETTER blogger (read: better employee at Fabglance) was very daunting. I didn’t want to fail. I was scared. But, God helped ya girl out!

My long time friend and OG Nashville Style Blogger, Lindsay Timberlake, posted on Facebook asking if anyone needed help with website design. Lindsay, now a web developer and super-stylish design genius met me at Nashville Public Library. She looked me in the eye and said, “Honey, I’ve seen you grinding. I’m here to help. We gonna get this done TODAY!”  And we did!

Within five hours, Lindsay took me from 0 to 100 (real quick). She found a bunch of bugs on my old platform, moved me to WordPress, taught me some great SEO tips, and even better, she renewed my confidence in telling my story online. Lindsay went through about 60 blogposts, fixing things. She would note how my photos improved through the years, how the #ShowYourArms campaign is amazing, and how I’m one of the most consistent bloggers in Nashville. That made my heart burst. Thanks, Lindsay!

Something has to be said about working with fellow women, who are amazing in tech. I’ve always worked with men when it came to the technology side of my blog. While, the men I’ve worked with were super smart, the emotional component always lacked. Men, are about achieving that goal, no matter the emotions. And, sometimes, we need that. But working with Lindsay, she held my hand and walked me through this change. She noted that we were both hungry, cold, annoyed, scared, etc – but we were gonna get this done!

It a great thing to face your fears. Just like the day I took this photo, I was so scared to pose in a CROP TOP (from H&M) and leggings (from Torrid)! All I could hear was the, “Girl you too fat to be posing like that! Who do you think you are?” Hence why I hadn’t dropped these photos even though I took them two months ago. Yeah, I call myself the ‘Confidence Creator’ but my first client is ME! Sometimes, the best way to have confidence is to walk through the fear, with a bag of faith; you will make it to the other side!

So, thank you for your patience. Growth is a journey that never ends. It’s filled with highs and lows. You have to believe in your heart that everything will be FABULOUS in the end. Whatever that thing is, do it afraid, do it with tears in your eyes, you may have to do it alone, but I guarantee you will feel so much stronger in the end!

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