VLOG | Follow Me to the Odysseo – Cavalia Show in Nashville

Y’all! Y’all! Y’all! Go see Odysseo – Cavalia! I have to admit, when I was contacted by the Odysseo team, I wasn’t too hype to see the ‘fancy horse show’. If you live in Nashville, you’ve seen the, almost, cryptic banners, posters, signs, billboards, and yard signs, telling you that Odysseo by Cavalia is the ‘GREATEST show you’ll ever see’. Seriously, I was over it. But then . . . GIRL, I saw the show! It IS THE GREATEST SHOW YOU’LL EVER SEE! Let’s talk about it!

My VLOG of the Odysseo – Cavalia experience. The team gave me the VIP Treatment, but I promise you, I’d go again, sit in the highest seat in the farthest row, and have a good ol’ time! I know you’re like, “But Girl, WHAT IS IT?”

Ok. Let me try my best to explain it: It’s the BEYONCE of equestrian showmanship and acrobatic amazing-ness! If you love horses, go! If you love acrobats, go! If you love live music, go! If you love AMAZING graphics and digital effects, go! Because, you will get all these things and MORE! Odysseo – Cavalia is the world’s largest traveling show. It’s bigger and better than Cirque du Soleil, but is slightly similar when it comes to graphics and acrobatics.

And girl, I know you saw the ticket prices and you might have been thrown off. GIRL, it’s worth it! EVER SINGLE DOLLAR! Plus, there are several people of color in the show and I love supporting black people in the creative arts. It’s hard to help our kids understand that you can be a traveling performer in the world’s largest traveling show – but here we see several. The only negative thing I’d have to say about Cavalia experience was that PARKING FEE! Still, I’d go again!

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve attended. The Nashville show has been extended to October 1 and tickets are as low as $59 dollars. I paid more for my last Beyonce ticket, and Beyonce looked like a magical dancing ant. The amazing 58,000 sq ft tent, built in 14 days and holds, 40,000 gallons of water, 6,000 tons of dirt and sand, is climate controlled, and seats 2000 people – has NO BAD SEAT! You gotta go!

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