#MOTIVATION: Sometimes, you NEED to take a break

Sometime’s these #motivationmonday posts I read can make you feel guility, as if you aren’t doing ENOUGH! It’s all ‘GO GIRL’, #GirlBoss, and ‘work while your haters sleep’ or something of the sort. BUT, sometimes you need to take break!

I’ve been on a mini-vacation for the past couple of days – taking a break. But, I found it so hard to decompress, unplug, and chill out. My mind was racing with idea on how to promote Jack and Ahlia, when to shoot the next #NashvilleCurves class, and if I had enough ‘cute’ photos to post on my instagram. I could not chill!

Then, while waiting to go to an appointment, I stumbled into the park. Not to workout, not to take pictures, but I just relaxed. I hadn’t let my brain rest in WEEKS! So, I sat on the steps of the Parthenon; I people watched. I saw tourists enjoying our city with brand new eyes. I saw a young lady taking quiciñera photos. And, I watched the ducks swim in the pound. It was real nice.

In this go-go world, we sometimes forget to rest. Also, we often OVER PLAN rest, in the name of ‘self-care’ and an instagram moment. But, think about taking a quick moment everyday to let your brain relax. Go outside. Play a senseless game on your phone. Or, just sit in silence.

The more you rest, the better your mind will feel when it’s time to transform into that Girl Boss or Handsome Hustler!

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