#BloggerLife: Do bloggers need Instagram TV?

Thursday morning, Instagram rolled out their newest venture, InstagramTV. The social media platform reached 1 BILLION followers this year. Despite our cries for chronological order and links within the captions, they thought we needed long-form videos. Ok, now that I’m done being a hater, it’s time to help you figure out if Instagram TV will work for traditional bloggers.

What is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV is like if Vine and YouTube had a baby. Basically, you can present long form (10min – 60min) videos in a vertical format. Instagram TV can be viewed on the Instagram app and on it’s own standalone app. You don’t have to start a new Instagram channel to get Instagram TV. And, when you post a new Instagram TV video, your followers will get a notification.

Your followers can leave comments, like, and send your videos to other followers. Also, if you are real popular, and you have more than 10,000 followers, you can use the ‘swipe-up’ feature to send followers to your website.

Can Instagram TV help your blog?

I think so! Blogger, Influencers, and everyone in between can use Instagram TV to build their brand. The best thing about Instagram TV is that it allows you to curate video content for your social media followers. You can’t post instant videos, like instastory. You have to shoot and edit content for an upload, much like YouTube. But, like Youtube you can be as fancy or as raw as you like.

Maybe your followers want a behind-the-scenes video of your creative process. Maybe they want to hear you talk about the latest hot topics. Or, maybe you can use Instagram TV as an extension of your current blog post. Try teasing the audience in an effort to get them to click your link and read your post.

In addition, if you’ve been looking for a new platform to build your brand, Instagram TV may be the move! For me, I’ve tried to be on YouTube for a couple years, but the market is so saturated. If you follow me on Instagram or followed me on Snapchat, people seem to love to hearing me tell fun stories & vlog, discuss Jack and Ahlia, ask Would You Rather Questions, and share #BloggerLife tips.

I’ve figured, I can create five to ten minute videos that feature those topics and gain a better more engaged audience. So, figure out what your followers would like, and start creating some content.

Follow Fabglance on Instagram TV

Instagram TV is built for followers on the go!

Just like bloggers were forced to make their sites more mobile friendly. Instagram, as a platform, is built for followers on the go. Utilizing the vertical feature on the traditional Instagram App and on Instagram TV forces followers to stay on the app and stay engaged with their favorite creators. Use Instagram TV to give followers a piece of your blog . . . while on the go.

Will you use Instagram TV for your blog? Let me know in the comments section!

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