Nashville Curves Week 2018

Welcome to Nashville Curves Week 2018! Nashville Curves started as a FAB swimwear shoot with friends has developed into a movement! Nashville Curves will serve as the voice for women of size and stature who live in the Nashville Area. Below I detail what Nashville Curves Week is about, how you can partner with Nashville Curves, and what this movement means to me!

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Meet (l to r) Nica, Jelly, Brynn, and CaNesha, you Nashville Curves class of 2018!

What is Nashville Curves?

Nashville Curves is an initiative developed by me, Melissa Watkins, as an answer to the needs of Nashville’s plus-size community. During my 12 years of blogging I’ve attended 100’s of fashion and social events that gave no thought to the plus-size presence in our city. Boutiques are opened but not supported. Fashion Shows are hosted but with no representation of curves. In addition, workshops on love, health, and fitness, are presented with no conversation on women (or even men) of stature.

Nashville Curves aims to address those issues by presenting inclusive photoshoots and interactive events that bring a voice to this silenced demographic.

What is Nashville Curves Week?

This week, as with previous swim campaigns, is the week you get to meet the Nashville Curves Class of 2018! Every year, I pick four fabulous ladies to represent our swim/summer campaign! This week you’ll meet Brynn, CaNesha, Jelly, and Nica. These ladies are bold and beautiful. They bring life to everyone they meet and they are continuously doing awesome things for our plus-size community and in their individual industries! Follow FABGLANCE on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you won’t miss their stories.

Nica, Jelly, and CaNesha wearing swimsuits from Curves With Purpose

How can I partner with Nashville Curves?

After Saturday’s event, everyone wanted to know how to be involved! Well, the first thing you can do is join the Nashville Curves Facebook group. In the Facebook Group we will share volunteers opportunities, host polls to gauge interests, and share plus-size events happening in the city. The Nashville Curves Facebook page will serve as our online destination to connect with  women who share your interests.

If you want to model for one of our upcoming photo-shoots, the Facebook Page is where I’ll post model calls. Just remember, we are looking for ladies who have three qualities: Experience modeling (professional photos), high social media presence, and an overall interest in being apart of the plus-size conversation in NASHVILLE.

We are looking for business owners who’d like to connect with the plus-size audience as well. If your product/service would be a good fit for our demographic, we’d love to meet with you. For 2019, we are looking for event sponsors, product placement, and collaboration opportunities can be discussed.

Of course, volunteers and committee members are always necessary. Nashville Curves is my idea, but I can’t handle every single detail. Also, my life as plus-size woman is totally different from another. I’m looking for committed volunteers to: moderate the Facebook group, develop workshops, and work events.

Join the Facebook Group to receive announcements about these positions.


Learn about the Class of 2018!

As with previous classes, Fab Glance is dedicating this whole week to presenting our new class! You met these beautiful ladies at the Nashville Curves Launch event. This week you get an exclusive look at their photos, learn about their lives, and see how being plus-size in this city has helped them be strong. I know you’ll enjoy meeting them and looking at these BOMB photos!

So, make sure to visit Fab Glance everyday to meet your new favorite people. Then, join the Facebook Group to be apart of the conversation. In 2019, Nashville Curves will be the voice of the curvy community in our city.


Shot by T. Denisa Photography on location at Park Central Apartments, Nashville, TN.

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