Nashville Curves Week – Meet CaNesha

It’s Day 2 of Nashville Curves week and it’s time to meet Nashville’s newest blogger, CaNesha! I met CaNesha when she cornered me at a Blogger Exchange event. This vivacious vixen had MANY things to say about the characters in my book, Jack and Ahlia! From that point, we’ve become fast friends and solid supporters of our shared creative endeavors. As a fellow member of the #Young40’s club, CaNesha is dedicated to living her BEST life no matter what anyone has to say! I’m so excited to introduce CaNesha as the newest member of Nashville Curves, Class of 2018!

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Name, Age:

CaNesha Gordon, 41

What do you do, why do you do it?

By day I’m an Implementations Project Coordinator and by night I create my lifestyle blog Crowned Canesha.

I do my day job because I’m an adult and this is what we have to do. But, I do enjoy the people I work. Since I haven’t hit the lottery yet this is where I’ll be.

I started blogging because I needed an outlet. I felt like I wasted my 30s being concerned about getting married and having kids.  I promised myself that when I turned 40, I would work on finding my happy! Happiness comes in many forms, I’ve decided to explore what happy looks like for me! So, Crowned CaNesha: “The Realities of My Fairytale” was born.

What made you embrace your curves? When did you say, “I’m ‘ok’ with me?”

I don’t know that I have . . . YET! I’m working on it but am I fully there? Nope.

Honestly, doing this photo shoot helped me in my journey to get to the “I’m ok with me” point. I am working on being very intentional about hyping myself up, looking in the mirror, and learning to love what I see. Lastly, I’m working on changing my mindset and my words. I have a tendency to say negative things about myself. I am a work in progress and growing daily.

Have you had to deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, and/or strangers? What did you do?

Fortunately, for me I haven’t.  I can be super-sensitive about my weight. Sometimes, so someone (innocently) asking me about working out triggers me. I’m like,  “they are calling me fat.” I’m working on my mindset. I have to realize for the most part my weight is only my issue and honestly nobody is paying me any attention. It’s all in my head.

Nashville Curves - Canesha - 4
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When you were asked to do a bathing suit shoot, what was your first reaction?

Honored, Scared/Nervous, Excited, Freaked Out

What’s your favorite part of your body? Why?

I like my arms; they are not small but I still like my arms. Chubby and all.

Tell us about one item in your closet you’ll never let go of?

Jeans . . . all of my jeans! They never go out of style and you can dress them up or down., Best item ever!

What’s your favorite store to shop at and why? (local, online, vintage/thrift, etc)

One?? This is hard. If I have to pick only one, I will say Target. I can get clothes, shoes, pajamas, tights, socks, accessories, Mountain Dew, deodorant, books, replace parts for my iPhone (I have lost a few of those stupid adapters), gift bags, cute journals, mugs, I mean I could go on. It’s literally a one stop shop.

What plus-size store would you like to see in Nashville?

I would love for us to have an Eloquii

Nashville Curves - Red Suits - 1
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What would you tell your YOUNGER curvy self?

Girlllll, you are not fat, you are fly!

Put that outfit on . . . who cares what people think. If you like it wear it. You only get one life and one body embrace it, take care of it and love it for what it is. Change it only if you want to not because of other people’s opinions. But don’t hate it…EVER. Know that God created you in his image so of course you are fly. And last but not least you got this.

Thank you CaNesha for sharing your truth and your beauty for Nashville Curves 2018!

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2 thoughts on “Nashville Curves Week – Meet CaNesha

  1. Haaaa!! I did corner you. I still feel really strongly about it. LOL!!

    Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the movement. It has helped me more than you will ever know. 😁


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