MY CITY: Pastaria Nashville will make you a pasta professional!

It’s time for another restaurant review! This time I was invited to try Pastaria. Pastaria Nashville is located off of Charlotte Pike in the ONEC1TY business development. This Italian eatery makes homemade pastas, pizza, and salads, along with delicious desserts. My guest and I were treated to a virtual eating tour of Italy. Our server was AMAZING and patient as we asked a million questions about the menu.

Pastaria has an open concept design that breaths modern feeling into Italian dining. I mean, we’ve all had Italian food before, what makes Pastaria different? It’s the homemade gourmet flair Italian food easy to comprehend. Seriously, if all you know is Alfredo, pizza, and spaghetti, Pastaria will help you realize there’s more out there – and it’s GOOD!

First of all, all the pasta is made IN HOUSE! This builds the foundation for a seriously delicious experience. When you try freshly made pasta you’ll realize all the other stuff you’ve eaten was inferior! My guest and I loved the fresh appeal of Pastaria.

To start our meal, our server suggested the Crispy Risotto Balls. Oh, she wasn’t wrong! These crispy covered cheesy delights were perfect! I was surprised about the herb aioli, but it was a delicious addition. I could eat the risotto balls and a salad for lunch and be just fine! But there was more to explore.

When I found out the pasta was made in-house and it’s ORGANIC, my eyes searched for ravioli! Fresh ravioli is heavenly and Pastaria gets it RIGHT! This is the Pistachio Ravioli with lemon, mint, and brown butter sauce. Guys, guys, GUYS, get this! The flavors that danced in my mouth were flavors I need thought would mix well. Oh, but the chef gets this dish ALL THE WAY correct!

And then dessert was served. NUTELLA CHOCOLATE CAKE! Take me to heaven right now! I mean, you could share this, but you don’t have to. Perfectly spongy chocolate cake, covered with Nutella fudge, and filled with a delicious ganache – oh my! Pastaria also serves homemade gelato and an assortment of sweet endings that change during the season.

I’ll definitely be back. There were many more options I’d like to try like their wood fire pizzas & calzones, weekend brunch, and more PASTA!

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