STYLE: Fall Fashion for Warm Climates

Today is the First Day of Fall! Listen, I love all the seasons, but FALL is BAE! It’s the perfect mix of warm days, cool nights, beautiful scenery, and excited events. Dressing for Fall might be my most favorite sport! The layers, oh the wonderful layers!

But, when it comes to Fall Fashion in the south, I’ve learned a couple tricks and taken lots of photos. Leave your thick sweaters and over the knee boots in the closet for a few more weeks. You have to be a bit more creative when dressing for fall in the south! Today I share some of my fave fall looks (and a couple of style hacks!) to help you survive Fall in the south

All Black Everything … but cropped!

This is one of my fave looks to rock in the fall. All black everything, but lightweight and cropped. Yup. Fall in the south still means super HOT days and chilly nights. Go dark colored to honor the season, but lightweight fabric to tolerate the temperature. And remember, black leggings will be your staple all fall!

Did you read my post on saving your black leggings? Girl, do it!

It’s all about layers!

Using layering techniques to update your fall transition style is KEY! This brown bodycon from Rebdolls is a great piece to take me from summer to fall in the south. With the addition of a good denim jacket, I can hit to twin for girls night and look seasonally appropriate.

And all about accessories

A simple update to your fall wardrobe are some good fall accessories. New sunglasses, a fall colored tote, and a new band for your smart watch are fall transition essentials. Even when the weather say 90° you can sip your PSL in the spirit of fall style.

Did we discuss denim?

Denim is the gift that keeps on giving! Sure you can rock it in the summer, but it’s something about a soft denim shirt on a crisp fall morning that gets me in my fashion feels! This denim shirt (from Walmart) has helped me transition through several seasons! Get yourself a trust denim shirt too!

Booties … rocking everywhere!

Lastly, the short boot, or bootie is a SAVIOR for fall style! I know you have a pair or two … or three! Until the weather really cools down, cute booties save your seasonal style. Wear them with jeans, dresses, and skirts to help you transition seamlessly!

Bare legs, long sleeves

Long sleeve dresses and bare legs are a standard look for warm transitional months! When I want to wear sandals but not look like I’m going to the beach, this is a look for me! Try it!

Share your style!

What’s your fave fall style hack for warm climates? Share in the comment section!

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