BLOGGERLIFE: How to write a book

I started a new chapter this week! I started working on my NEXT BOOK! Before I get deep into the writing process, I wanted to discuss the journey of turning blog-posts into book pages. Going from ‘just a blogger‘ to a full fledged author, has been fulfilling and challenging. In this post we’ll discuss the my journey to authorship, time management, and keeping your core audience.


Many of you know I wrote my book, Jack and Ahlia, over a span of six months. I started an online  creative writing challenge because I was getting bored with writing blog posts. Listen, I love sharing cute looks for y’all, but talking about where I purchased my latest pair of shoes can sometimes be a bit boring. And, y’all know you be coming JUST to see the photos!

Writing the book challenged me. It helped me to use my imagination and develop complex (yet stylish) characters who existed in this amazing universe. Writing also allowed me to share a different side of myself with my readers. You got to know MELISSA, the author, the girl who’s been making up stories since the 7th grade!

fabglance jack and ahlia

From blog posts to book pages

Recently, I was talking to an influencer friend and we discussed him writing his book. The writing process is different for everyone. However, being a blogger is a great entrance to writing books. If you have a consistent blogging schedule, you can flip that skill into writing a book. CONSISTENCY is key. The hard part is choosing your genre.

Are you fiction or non-fiction? Will your book be an extension of your blog? Or will you pivot, like I did, and write about something totally outside of your target? Once you settle on your choice, the words will start to flow.

Time to blog or time to write?

One of my biggest challenges when writing  Jack and Ahlia was balancing my time. I didn’t want to lose traffic on my blog but I didn’t want to lose my momentum writing the book. What did I do? I created writing goals. While I used to write three blog posts a week, I dropped that down to two posts a week. That way I could focus on writing two-three chapters per week.

Another tough part about writing a book when your used to writing blog posts is the loss of immediate gratification. I can write a blog post in about an hour, publish, and share. I’d have views and likes within moments. Writing chapters that people won’t see for many months is challenging. Is it good, bad, funny, or amazing? I have to believe in myself before I get those book reviews. This is why I wouldn’t completely stop writing my blog, I needed that boost that something I’ve created is resonating with my audience.

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But will they read it?

The good thing about a blogger writing a book is the built in promotion! Already having a platform to present new projects make creating new projects even better. You guys, are my built in audience. Hopefully, YOUR readers believe in you and want to see you expand to new projects. Using your social media platform is a great way to cross promote. I even treated some of my fave fans to snippets of the book before it was published! Listen, allow you friends to help you by reading, sharing, and giving positive critiques!

So, if you are thinking about going from blogger to author I say, “Do it!”. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Yes, it will take a little more time and delayed gratification, but the return on investment is amazing. You’ll gain new fans who will love you for your blog and for you new book!

Have you thought about writing a book? Let’s talk about it in the comment section!

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