FEATURED: Talking Social Media and Friendships on Creative Souls Tribe

One of my favorite collaboratives in Nashville is the Creative Souls Tribe! The Creative Souls Tribe is a diverse online collective that represents diversity of women – ages, industries, ethnicities, relationship status as we strive to meet our goals. They host meet-ups, post daily encouragement, Wednesday blogs, monthly newsletter, meets ups, workshops, and an annual conference. These ladies are so welcoming and inviting, that’s why I was so excited to write a post for their blog.

Today, on Creative Souls Tribe, I discuss how social media can make us feel friend-less! Take a look:

With all the options to connect, most people have moments of loneliness that can be quite overwhelming. We feel more alone in a time when we should feel extremely connected. As we start to enjoy the holiday season, I write this post asking you to reach out. Be the friend you wished you had when you felt like you didn’t have any friends. Be a friend to the friendless. READ MORE

Personally, in the past year, I’ve had more onely feelings than normal. I had to step back and reassess my situation. I was definitely living through other’s highlight reels, but not connecting with my ‘A1, Day Ones’. In the article, I give you some tips for living a better life off of social media.


Has Social Media Caused You to Feel Friendless?

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