STYLE: My obsession with oversized sweatshirts!

Blame Ariana Grande! Blame this cold weather! Blame my incessant need to be COZY! But I’m obsessed with oversized sweatshirts and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

I know it was 2016 when saw a photo of Kourtney Kardashian wearing a sweatshirt as a dress. Oh baby! That’s what started the fire. The next fall/winter it was our girl Ari, taking the look to the next level. Lux sweatshirts, expensive thigh-boots, and that PONYTAIL!

I had to figure out how to achieve that look with my supersized thighs, plus-size curves, and long legs. I had to figure out how to take the Inspo, and do it my way. Yup, I was sucked in and I’m never coming back!

Yeah, I cut the neck. I’m sexy!

I typed in ‘Plus-Size Sweatshirt Dress’ and was directed to Rebdolls! Thank ya fast fashion! I got two sweatshirt dresses and had the time of my life. Shortly after, I realized that a sweatshirt dress is NOTHING more than an oversized MEN’S sweatshirt. I was overpaying for something I could find at Wally-World or better yet … AMAZON!

Champion, men’s BIG & TALL hoodie, in pink, on AMAZON

Yes honey, now I’m knee deep in MENS, TALL, 4XL, SWEATSHIRTS! Ladies, don’t be afraid to order from the men’s department. All the slim girls get ALOT of their oversized looks from the plus-size department. I hopped my happy tail right on over to the BIG & TALL men’s section to get my oversized selections.


So, as long amazon keeps giving me access, I’m gonna keep buying them. And REMIXING them! It’s such a cozy option to be warm AND stylish during the fall/winter season. Also, it’s comfortable AF! Now to find some over-the-knee boots that fit my thighs … you won’t be able to tell me NUTHIN!

Are you obsessed with oversized looks?

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