MOTIVATION: Through failure, I found faith!

Last week, I felt the sting of FAILURE. I wrote about it on Instagram. This week I sing the song of FAITH! I don’t have all the solutions to my problems, but I feel confident that I can get through everything I’m dealing with. Knowing that a solution is coming is a relief! Because knowing you failed can be heartbreaking.

Listen, you will fail. And you will fail fantastically. Oh girl, you will fail with flames and fireworks! You will crash, you will burn, and it will hurt. You will feel alone and it will be dark. It happens to us ALL. But, you’ll survive. The flames won’t kill you and the fireworks will signal your help!

Lean on your help: friends, family, colleagues, and even random strangers. God will send help.

During my time of transition, I’ve let y’all into my life and I’m so happy I did. I’ve received messages. I’ve had people engage me in a way i didn’t realize I needed. I’ve been independent for a long time and my had hardened to the feeling of CARE. I needed care. I needed love. Y’all have given it.

Struggle is not failure. It’s just another step, towards success.

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Photo: Patrick Webster Photography, 2016

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