#BloggerLife: Content Planning and Consistency can save ya life!

On this weekend’s #Bloggerlifechat (hosted on my instastory, every Saturday – follow me) I discussed the importance of planning your social media/blog content and staying consistent. It’s really important to keep giving the people what they want and doing it on a consistent basis. And, since it’s the beginning of the month, it’s a perfect time to plan your content for the month. Publishing content for the sake of publishing content is useless – but publishing with a purpose is the key to success and sanity.

Below, are some notes from Saturday’s chat. Do you plan your content every month? Has it helped you? Let’s discuss!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Creating content is not just a way to get more ppl to your blog page or Instagram profile. It’s a great way to make sure you’re keeping up with the goals you’ve set for your business. And if you think blogging (or being an influencer) isn’t a business, then you are dense.

Currently, one of my business goals is to get 10,000 followers on Instagram. Why? It allows me to be more attractive to brands and give me exclusive takes to features on Instagram’s platform. In addition, I’ll have more pull with the algorithm. In order to get there, I have to be strategic. Having a plan helps me be MORE strategic, stops me from posting without a purpose, and keeps my content in front of the right eyes.


First thing you need to do is make time to plan – Shout out to the social media maven, Shannon from Boutique Social DC  for reminding me that I really need to start planning my social media/content for the month. But the biggest thing is sitting down and making time to plan. Like, set an appointment for your blog and don’t miss it. You can’t plan without mapping out some time to let your brain unwind.

After you have the goal, you need to figure out what does your audience want to see and what did well previously. Listen, if you don’t research anything, research what your business does well and do more of that MORE OFTEN.  It’s time to check out the analytics for your blog and on your social media platforms. I know my audience LOVES outfit photos. So, I’ve put more effort into posting looks. If they know what you offer/when you offer they will always come back.

Whenever I think about introducing something new, I’ve realized it will take time to see if my audience values the new offering. If that’s the case, plan to present that idea more than once in the next coming months. Usually, it take about 90 days for your audience to get on board with new concepts. But don’t ever walk away from the tried and true.

Now, you may need some ideas. Every month there are actual holidays, like Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, but if you are really stuck trying to figure out content, check NationalCalendarDay.com! That’s where you can find all those fun, uniqie, and totally obscure internet holidays! Did you know that National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is August 4th? Adding some unique concepts to your calendar gives the audience something new to look at, plus it shows that you understand pop-culture and current events (as they pertain to your niche/brand)


Image result for blog calendar february
Click to print

Now,  create a calendar! Seriously, go back to the old school, get a sheet of paper, write down the days of the month and start plugging away. Figure out how often you can post and where you want to post your content. For Fab Glance, I post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter daily. My content automatically posts to tumblr and I try to update pinterest at least once a week. I also post on the blog at least twice a week.


Now, that may be a bit overzealous for you, but find your groove. I can tell you, you need to post on your blog at least once a week and Instagram at least three times a week! That’s the industry standard. If you aren’t posting consitestently, you will lose followers. You;ll start to see your number dwindle. It’s hard to get people to come back once they’ve lost faith in your content. To make it easy on yourself, use automated posting services like GRUM, Sprout, HootSuite, or Later. Each of these services come at different price points and have different strengths. But, I’ve used them all and found them to be QUITE effective.


Remember, consistency brings the boys to the yard, not JUST fancy photos and thought provoking phrases. Trust me, your audience will see all your hard work, become your promoters, and share your content more often. Have a plan! Post often! Keep it consistent! The fans won’t follow what they can’t see.

Need more help with your digital strategy? HIRE ME! I’m available for phone sessions, facetime sessions, and face-to-face sessions (if you live in Nashville).  Also, join me every Saturday on Instagram for #BloggerLifeChat!!


5 thoughts on “#BloggerLife: Content Planning and Consistency can save ya life!

  1. I love this post Melissa! I always aim to plan my content out each month and then life happens and I slip. However I am really trying to stay consistent this year! I know it helps a ton! Keep the tips coming! Xo


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