#BLOGGERLIFE: Why do we love Instagram?

The latest Instagram shutdown caused alot of trauma and drama in the social media world. This time, Instagram was barely usable and Facebook was inaccessible by desktop. Remember, Instagram is owned by Facebook. The platforms often piggy-back on each other when it comes to algorithm changes and platform updates. Often times, this leaves Blogger Influencers frustrated and confused. We ask, “why do we love Instagram, anyway?”

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Below, I outline the reasons why we love the app, and what to do when Instagram shuts down or changes the rules.


1. We love Instagram because it’s quick & easy, but hate it because it dilutes hard work

When Instagram came along, it allowed us to post photos of our lives in a quick & easy way. Instantly, brands, bloggers, and influencers started to curate content. When it was once difficult to deposit all your photos on a lengthy blog post, Instagram made it something of a reward to showcase your work. That made it easy for people to browse through their faves, BUT not visit their websites. Quite the double edge sword.

2. We love Instagram because regular people can easily become stars, but we hate it because regular people can become stars for no good reason.

Your aunt who makes amazing cakes, your little cousin who can sing better than Mariah Carey, and your older brother who has an amazing sneaker collection, can all become social media stars by using Instagram. This is amazing and maddening at the same time. Overnight success is achievable on Instagram, but can cause extreme comparison syndrome, mind-games, and a lot of NOTHINGNESS on the platform. We’ve all gotten caught up on the Instagram model’s page who only shows booty pics. We wonder, ‘why is she famous?’ while still clicking LIKE.

But even if Instagram didn’t exist, there would be some other way that a person (with observably no TALENT) would be famous. Instagram uses our human curiosity to curate a timeline that’s both helpful and a hindrance. It’s up to you to teach it when to say when!

3. We love Instagram because the algorithm shows us exactly what we want to see, but we hate it because the algorithm sometimes doesn’t work for the little guys.

If you follow me on any social media platform, including Instagram, you’ve heard me talk about the algorithm. As mentioned above, the algorithm is created to show you things you want to see. However, it can sometimes be skewed to only show you the big players. If you are trying to break into the blogging and influencing game, you have to be VERY CONSISTENT in order to make the algorithm work for you.

In addition, I’ll keep reminding you to share your content in at least FIVE platforms/locations to get maximum eyes on your hard work. Instagram is quick and easy which can sometimes make us lazy. Hard work pays off. Even the Instagram booty model knows it take more than a pretty pic to get those brands knocking!

Instagrm Is Down

So, the next time Instagram is down or Facebook is acting the fool, remember why you are here!

Update your website, share your info, brand your content, and don’t rely so heavily on an INSTANT social platform that you don’t own.

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