MY STYLE: National Dress Day

Y’all know I love a random internet holiday! So, I was excited to see it was National Dress Day on March 6th! I mean, you don’t have to give me a reason to wear a dress – I love dresses. Below, I’m posting some of my fave dress-looks today PLUS shopping links (just click the pic)! Cuz you know, I like to help.

this post contains affiliate links
National Dress Day / Fab Glance
I love a great dress!

Quick story about me and dresses: I used to HATE wearing dresses. I grew up in the 90’s and life, for me, was about dressing as much like the group TLC as possible! Colorful, tomboy style, with a hint of Aaliyah sassy. A dress! No girl! Ye, my mom and I fought plenty of Sunday’s. I just hated dresses.

Work Dress / Fab Glance

Then, when I went to college in Tennessee, I experienced the HEAT that only the south could bring. I realized wearing dresses were the best choice. Then, I realized that dresses made me look really good. The right dress accentuates my curves, elongates my frame, and is an easy way to look pulled together.

Outfit Details: Dress – Eloquii, Top – Rebdolls, Beret – Amazon Fashion

Now, you can find me in a dress more than you’ll see me in jeans. Add a cute pair of sneakers, sandals, or boots and I’m ready to go. So, get yourself a couple dresses to stretch out your wardrobe! Your curves and your closet will thank you!

Camo Cuteness / FabGlance
Scored this dress from Amazon!

Do you love dresses or are you a pants girl?

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