MY LIFE: Handling Race at Work

Many of you know I have a day job and I run my website. I also do freelance digital strategy with my company GLANCE media (more coming). Anyway, as someone who’s been working since I was 14 years old, I’ve had my share of race-related incidents at the workplace.

So, for Black History Month, Young bosShe asked me to discuss race relations in the workplace. As someone who’s worked in Non-profit spaces, I’ve tread the timid waters of white people coming to the ‘hood to help poor people. The micro-aggressions and blatant refusal of service is always something that burns my biscuits.

Truthfully, I’ve heard and seen it all, but I still fight the good fight to help people understand that black people aren’t a monolith, black women aren’t always angry, and the ‘hood isn’t a place you visit just to get community service points. In addition, as I exist on the digital space, I’m not afraid to remind people that BLACK influencers get less visibility, engagement, and opportunities than our white colleagues.

I’ll stand to break those molds.

Read my piece “For Well-Meaning White Women Who’ve Come to Help” on YoungBosShe!

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