MY LIFE: I did a podcast about Brian McKnight!

Last year, my friend and fellow blogger/digital content creator @WhatsGoodToya (Toya H) said she wanted to do a music podcast. She then told me she wanted me to be her first guest! And then she said you can talk about Jodeci or Brian McKnight! LISTEN! Toya knows the way to my heart! 90’s R&B is MY JAM and Brian McKnight is my favorite singer! Of course I’d be her first guest! I had so much fun!

FAB GLANCE - 'The First time I Heard'
90’s R&B is my FAVE

Toya’s new podcast is called, The First Time I Heard. On it, she asks guests to talk about the first time they heard a specific artist. Toya’s interview style is very casual yet professional. Toya knows ALOT about music but doesn’t make the listener or the interviewee feel ‘less than’. Actually, when she lived in Nashville, she produced a quarterly concert series called KID ELECTRIC and it set the standard for black music showcases in the city. We listened to some of Brian’s greatest hits, talked about our fave Brian McKnight moments, and I discussed why I love him so much.

The First Time I Heard Brian McKnight / FAB GLANCE

Listen to The First Time I Heard . . . Brian McKnight

Ok, so why do I love Brian McKnight? His voice is just EVERYTHING! He’s smooth tenor who can reach a soaring falsetto. He’s been in the game for 20 years and is regarded as one of the industry’s best singer/songwriters EVER! Justin Timberlake learned to perfect his falsetto when Brian McKnight produced his first album. Brian plays about 87 instruments, can write and SCORE music, and has SEVERAL platinum hits. With all that, he’s never won a Grammy! Listen, give Brian his things!

Fab Glance - Jessica London Bag
Bag by Jessica London

When I shoot my monthly looks, I often listen to music to get myself hyped up. Listen, I love rocking cute looks for the website, but you have to get in a specific mindset to shoot four outfits in one hour while changing in the car! Yeah, that’s how us bloggers do it. Oftentimes, I listen to my R&B mix to get me feeling calm and ready to shoot. You best believe Brian McKnight is on the list.

Fab Glance - The First Time I Heard Podcast

So, what’s your favorite Brian McKnight Song? Make sure to listen to Toya’s new podcast, The First Time I Heard to hear my fave Brian song. Then subscribe to her podcast to hear other influencers and music industry experts weigh-in on their fave songs!


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