Securing your bags with Bloom Bras

FINALLY, a sports bra that lifts and supports that come in extended sizes? Whoa! When the team at Bloom Bras gifted me a their revolutionary sports bra, I was a bit skeptical. I’m not hefty in the chest, but I am plus-size. So it’s always a challenge to find a sports bra that supports my breasts, smooths & contours my back, and looks great.

FAB GLANCE -  bloom bras

Bloom Bras has all the fancy things you think you didn’t need in a sports bra. When Huffington Post says your bra is the ‘the most revolutionary bra’ in the industry, one has to try it out. Their patented #LiftDontSquish technology fits sizes 28C – 56L! The bra has a lift-able strap, a corset-type cup adjuster, no underwire, sweat-wicking mesh backing, front zip closure for easy removal, and weight-distrusting straps. Y’all they though of everything!

Click Here to purchase your Bloom Bra, use my code: BA135-10%

Securing our bags with bloom: Josey, Lexi, Kimmy, and Me

Seriously, during our Bloom Bras photo shoot, some of the plus-size bloggers in Nashville got to wear the bra. We were more than surprised that we could all wear the bra with comfort and style. You can even SWIM in the bra or wear it as a cute summer top! Like seriously, this is a very FAB sports bra!


So, use my Bloom Bra Promo code: BA135-10%, to get 10% off your Bloom Bra today!

Seriously, this will be the only bra you’ll want to wear while working out!

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