MY STYLE: Mixing Patterns with plus-size style

Last week I posted about stepping outside my style box. I’m glad I did! Today’s look, this mixed pattern, black & white, work look was just right for my workday. Seriously, I was super scared to rock this look – it’s pretty bold. But once the team at Jessica London sent this month’s looks, I knew I HAD to wear this one ASAP!

Fab Glance - Mixed Patterns - Black & White

These pieces (soft button front shirt and tummy control twill pants) aren’t sold together, but I was determined to make it work. I’m pear-shaped plus, so my top is smaller than my bottom. I NEVER wear printed pants on the bottom, I always think my thighs are too big. But I just loved these pants so much and this top is SO comfortable, I had to mix those patterns with some plus-size style.


The Art of Mixing Patterns

I’ve seen so many ladies rock the mixed pattern look. The science is pretty easy. As long as you stick to the same color pallet and/or pattern shape, you can create an original look that is bound to turn heads. Also, you cannot be scared of the final outcome. Mixing patterns is about confidence as well. I’m six-feet tall looking like a chic checkerboard! I had to own this look beacuse it’s BOMB!

Fab Glance Jessica London

So make a choice to try something NEW. You’ll be happy you tried something dope! also, don’t let your size make you shy away from trends. That type of behavior keeps ya basic!

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