PLUS SIZE STYLE: Fat girls shouldn’t wear … summer edit

How many of my plus-size girls have been told what you SHOULDN’T WEAR? No tight, no stripes, no shorts, or cover your ‘problem’ areas! Yes, even in 2019 fat women are told what we should wear and how we should wear it. Even though I have my preferences, I’ll never tell anyone what they shouldn’t wear. Unless you aren’t wearing confidence, I have nothing to say.

Fat people should wear what they want …

On my Instagram page I talk ALOT about unconscious biases. Unconscious Bias effects every human. From the day we are born we taught these weird belief that we can’t pinpoint where they came from, but believe them nonetheless. Even, me.

In my years of getting dressed for the internet, I’ve started to believe certain looks don’t work for me. Maybe because I’m fat, maybe because I’m tall, maybe because I don’t want to be looked at in a certain way. I had unconscious bias. This month, I shot looks that traditionally go against how I usually dress. Let’s get started

Wear the stripes, the print, and the tight dress …

This month I’m wearing looks that I’ve been afraid to wear. I’m wearing looks that turn heads. I’m wearing looks that plus-size women are told not to wear.

  • The striped dress from Target, challenges how I feel about puffy sleeves on puffy arms. I’m never afraid to show my arms, but I still struggle with bringing attention to my big-ness.
  • The All-White look from Jessica London challenges how I feel about wearing shorts. I think my thighs are too chunky to be spotlit by shorts.
  • The tie-dye look is my most challenging. It’s bright, it’s tight, and it makes people stare. What y’all staring at? It’s because I’m fat? Lol! No girl, it’s because you look cute.
  • The last look is all about mixed patterns. I always thought I couldn’t pull off the mixed pattern look although I’ve loved it on others. Well, proved myself wrong!

What trends are you afraid to try?

For the next couple of weeks I’ll document each look separately – with purchase info and all that. But I’d like to know what looks or trends you are afraid to try? Listen, you only live once – try the look!

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