Plus-Size looks for the gym – up to 4x!

The first set I received was the Plunge three-piece set. This set included the Trinity High-Waist pant, Savannah Low-Impact Sports Bra, and the Leah Over-sized Fleece Hoodie. Listen, buy EVERY SINGLE VERSION of these High-Waisted leggings. They suck you in and support you in all the ways while being completely OPAQUE! You cannot see through any of these leggings. Oh yeah, the hoodie is so cozy and soft and they have those cool thumb holes too. The sports bra wasn’t my fave, but I shold have sized-down because my boobs aren’t the biggest.

The second set of I received was the High Impact Sports Bra and the Mid-Rise PowerHold Legging. Y’all, I wear this set all the time! As a plus-size woman who is also really tall (6ft) I always have an issue with leggings that are long enough and high enough to go above the waist! These Power-Hold leggings are THE TRUTH. I wear them to work out and on regular days. They are THICK, sweat wicking, and warm. If you want to try the brand for the first time, get this set!

Exclusive Member Look – wink-wink – JOIN!

My third look is an EXCLUSIVE Fabletics member selection. Let’s discuss the membership program. So, you can join the Fabletics member subscription service that allows you to get Fabletics looks with 35% savings as well as exclusive looks and perks. JOIN NOW. But if you don’t want to join the subscription service you can visit the retail stores, we have one in Nashville or order without being a member (but you won’t get the deals). So, if you like this set, sign-up for a membership.

I thought the pink look was my fave but then I received the Chill 2-Piece outfit which features the Trinity High-Waisted Pocket Legging (it has pockets in the back, and the Cropped Hoodie! First off, I RARELY wear light colored leggings. Blame me feeling self-conscious about my thick thighs. But hey, thick thighs save lives and I know a lot of people who need saving!

So, if you are a curvy plus-sized person and you want to look cute in the gym . . . or anywhere, try Fabletics and tell them Fabglance sent you.

Fat people can go to the gym too! And, look cute doing it! #FabglanceSaid

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