#GlanceChat: How D-Nice can help you be a better digital entrepreneur!

As a #DigitalEntrepreneur #BLOGGER, or Influencer your probably wondering how you STAY READY for your big break during a time of crucial crunching? Focus on the D-NICE way:

Derrick ‘D-Nice’ Jones


TIME: In an interview D-NICE said he started dj’ing to empty rooms in the early 2000’s. At this point he’d been a successful rapper, successful photographer, and hit hard times (including a battle with depression) that landed him virtually homeless. Still that didn’t stop his love of music. We see, Dj’ing to EMPTY ROOMS, is what helped him break the Guinness book of World Records on Saturday night. SPEND TIME on the thing you love to do – when it’s time, you’ll be ready.

TALENT: Well the more time you spend practicing you craft – the more talented you’ll become. It’s true talent is GOD given. But sometimes it’s given to you in SEED form and you have to cultivate it. D-NICE was a hit making rapper at 16 years old, but he didn’t become a DJ until his 30s! It’s never too late to cultivate that talent!

TREASURE: As I watched D-NICE create a quarantine world party, I couldn’t help but notice his amazing equipment. Yes, money was invested on digital turntables, a good smartphone, great speakers, and a music catalogue that impressed Halle Berry (who jumped on the livestream to party with us). Yup, you’ve got to invest in yourself in order to be ready for your opportunity. BUDGET, of course, while researching tools that will help you master your niche!

Luck is only half of it!

So, as we sit in our homes, staving off the anxiety of an unknown assailant – take some time to research your passion. Maybe it’s writing a book, becoming a dancer, finishing a marathon, or starting an online business. The universe has provided the perfect time for us to shut off distractions and focus on what’s important.

When we combat COVID-19, my wish is that we come out stronger and more talented than we’d ever imagine!

Need some help to get you started?

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