There were no major sporting events or entatinment awards going on this week, so the celebs decided to do what they do best: Walk the streets in clothes that no normal person can afford. But oh, didn’t they look so fab doing it!? Well lets get into this week’s celeb style round-up:
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were spot walking arounf NYC this week. These are some STYLISH girls! That Kourtney looks super chic and super cute with her golden wrap skirt and black tights. While Kim gives us pur sophistaction in a trend/drool-worthy fur-trimmed cape and beige Birkin bag.

English import, Estelle, sported a gold-studded leather mini dress this week at a Diesel Event. I love how she softened the look with a satin-ish tuxedo jacket and soft leather gold clutch. Not exactly loving the boots, I would have swapped for a pair of pumps, but the she still looks good.

Keira Knightley SHUT IT DOWN with this Chanel pearl embellished dress. She wore this couture creation at the London Film Festival to celebrate the debut of her new movie, Never Let You Go. Oh yeah, I’m loving her new haircut too!

The Kardashian’s invaded our round-up 2x this week! Here we have Kim, BOWLING, in Louboutin pumps and a golden thread tube dress. Only Kim!

While I hate when people dress out of season, I can’t hate the cute fabness of Melanie Fiona’s pink two-tiered skirt and nude lace-up pumps. She wore this esemble for a performance in Paris. Very cute indeed!

Now ladies, I couldn’t leave out this week’s eye candy! It’s LL Cool J! Does this guy age? Well like Fab Girl Sabrina says, “Black don’t crack!” lol. Keep up the good work LL!

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