America’s Next Top Model: Where are they now? – Jade Cole

If you’re an America’s Next Top Model fan like myself, you’ll remember cycle 6 contestant Jade Cole.

Jade Cole was born and raised in Pennsylvania and is Indian and African American. She created quite a buzz on ANTM with her confidence and arrogant attitude. The judges and cast members didn’t always approve of the way Jade behaved, but no one could deny her true talent. 
Jade has become very successful since the show. She has modeled in Greece, and India. She’s also appeared in numerous music videos by Neyo, Jamie Foxx, the Dream, and Drake. But some of you may remember her from Jay Z’s “Change Clothes” music video…way before her stint on ANTM.
Here’s some pictures from Ms. Jade Post America’s Next Top Model:
(courtesy of Sterling Photography)
Fierce! Werk Jade. Werk.
View more photos of Jade’s work:
FabGirl Sabrina

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