Keri Hilson performs in Nashville – She’s more than a pretty face!

When I think about Keri Hilson, the first thing that comes to mind is her gorgeous face. Next up is her superb writing skills. Truthfully, singing and dancing doesn’t cross my mind until I glance at one of her music videos or awards performances. That’s why I was happy to cover Keri Hilson’s performance at Limelight on Friday, April 29. The event was sponsored by Muve Music/Cricket, 101.1 The Beat, SPIN Magazine, and Lovenoise Nashville.

During the day of the concert Keri tweeted that she was sick. Her fans wished her well and she responded by saying that she was taking her medicine and getting some rest. If the fans were scared that she wouldn’t be able to perform, those fears were laid to rest when Keri and her two dancers bolted on stage. Wearing an all black leotard, a sequin bustier, and sequined varsity jacket, Keri opened with her song “The Way You Love” me.
Keri continued with 17 complete songs. Touching on songs from her first project, In A Perfect World (See the video below). She took time out to do a slow set, even singing a song acapella. She gave the crowd some bonus material from her current project, No Boys Allowed; a fan favorite entitled “Hustler“. The crowd went wild, clearly they were under Keri enchanting spell.

The Pretty Girl Rock singer has a huge female fan-base. However, there were some guys sprinkled throughout the club. The men were enthralled with Keri’s awesome beauty and her no nonsense attitude. During the middle of the performance, Keri dropped an ‘f’ bomb, looked at the crowd seductively and said, “Y’all know I’m a potty mouth”. The ladies screamed and the guys gave a smooth nod of approval.

Before the end of the set, the crowd was chanting Keri’s name, begging her to sing one more song. She ended with her Grammy nominated song, Knocks You Down. Keri danced for 15 more minutes, fighting through sickness to give her fans a great show. Her performance was high-energy, professional, and straight-up FAB. 
Take a look at the video below for clips from Keri’s performance.

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