EVENT: Miguel ‘adorns’ Nashville with a concert on October 12

We can ALWAYS count on Lovenoise to bring us the hottest acts in R&B! I’m so exctied that Miguel is returning to Nashville on Friday October 12. Last year, he rocked Mai and made plenty of new fans.

Miguel oerforms in Nashville and WOWS the CROWD – April 2011

Well, now he has a new project and a new song that is burning up the charts – ‘Adorn’. If you hadn’t heard it, you must be living under a rock! The song, from his new project Kaleidoscope Dream, has become Miguel’s thrid #1 hit on Billboard’s R&B charts. Hmm . . . I smell a Grammy!

Between Miguel, Frank Ocean, and The Weekend, you don’t have to be bored with R&B anymore. These men are bringing a deep soul and intense temperature to an industry that had been lacking originality since the Jodeci days.

So, make sure to get your tickets to this show. I’m sure it will sell-out! Click the link below for ticket info:

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