MUSIC MONDAY: Mario feat Nicki Minaj, ‘Somebody Else’

Oh HEY Mario! Boy . . . Man . . . Listen! You looking real good these days. Ok, let me stop cyber flirting. 
Today’s Music Monday offering is from Mario, Mr. ‘You Should Let Me Love You’. He was Trey Songz before Trey Songz ever existed. Anyway, Mario took a hiatus from music to live life, I suppose. Now he’s back with one of my FAVORITE songs from the summer, ‘Somebody Else’ featuring Nick Minaj.
Although Nicki’s verse isn’t my favorite part of the song, I cannot deny the when the beat drops that I surely bob my head. Check out the video below. Mario plays some stalker/Creeper McGee role as his girlfriend decides to leave him. Oh yeah, the fashions in this video are FLY! Mario’s always been a fashinisto on the sly!  I guess it’s his six foot frame that allows him to rock the clothes so well. 

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