Plus Size Fashion: OOTD – The cupcake dress

I decided to post more of my outfits on the site. Don’t ask me why I hadn’t done it before, because I don’t have an answer – but hey – here we go. For now, you’ll suffer through my iphone photos and you’ll like it. In the future, I’ll get a professional photographer.

So last week I had the lovely job of judging a youth beauty pageant. Don’t worry, it wasn’t one of those Toddlers and Tiaras type of pageants – but a sweet pageant that celebrated education and creativity. Of course I had to wear a sweet dress for the event.

These fit & flare dresses are my favorite types of dress. I’m pear shaped – so dresses that are fitted at the top and flair at the bottom look great on my shape.

I purchased this dress from Belk in Cool Springs Galleria. It was originally $132 and I purchased it for $27!!! I know, RIGHT!!! I’m telling you, Belk is my secret hideout for buying dresses – especially if you are plus sized. I’ve never purchased a dress for more than $50 from Belk.

The kids did well and you could tell the enjoyed themselves. I got lots of compliments on my dress.


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