MUSIC MONDAY: K. Michelle – "V.S.O.P"

Today’s Music Monday offering comes from one of my guilty pleasures, Miss K. Michelle. Now, truth be told, I’ve been a low-key fan of K. Michelle since 2010. She had a song called “I Just Can’t Do This” and I swear I played that song about 100 times. Then K. Michelle disappeared and was replaced by Keyshia Cole. Ya know, same hood rich tales coming from a fantastic voice.

Then K. Michelle popped up on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and she gave me all the life. Her no nonsense sensibility and hot temper got her into alot of trouble, great for reality TV. Of course, no one could deny that voice. No doubt about it, the girl can sing!  During the second season of the show, K. Michelle, decided to change her ways, focus on her music, and stake her claim in these R&B streets.

A couple of weeks ago she dropped her new single, “V.S.O.P”, which initially I shied away from because V.S.O.P is the name of a liquor. However, she uses the acronym as “Very Special” (I don’t know what the ‘O’ and the ‘P’ stand for – lol) to describe how she’s gonna treat her man when he comes home from them streets. When you listen to the song, no doubt, you’ll start bobbing your head. It’s a great song, K. Michelle’s vocals are ON POINT, and visually she’s never looked better. Take a look at K. Michelle’s new video, “V.S.O.P”

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