#OOTD: How to ROCK your school uniform

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Whew!! I remember when I went to school, the first day was when you got to show off your FRESHEST most FLY new school clothes. I remember just staring in my closet pulling together my fly outfit. Sneakers shining, jeans pressed, latest logo’fied shirt ready for them haters! HAHAHA!

The Gossip Girl cast stayed rocking fly uniforms

 But now days, the kids have to wear uniforms, also known as ‘standard school attire’. My godson attends school in Nashville, and we struggle with staying in the dress code. So how do you stay unique while having a dress code? Well it’s all accessories and attitude. So what you gotta stick to a white shirt and blue or black bottoms – there’s so much room to be yourself without breaking the dress code rules.

That’s why I love the show, Gossip Girl. The early seasons of the show, the cast was in high school. Their ultra rich prep school made them wear uniforms. But the only ‘uniform’ thing about those outfits were the kicky plaid skirts. Every week Blair and Serena showed girls how to skate by those pesky rules while making the uniform unique: tights/hosiery, cute jackets and cardigans; heels, oxfords and boots;  and super cute bags to carry your work in.

Below, I assembled a uniform look for those who may not be as rich as the Gossip Girl characters. Adding a cute denim jacket, argyle socks, a bright bag, and even brighter nail polish will have you looking FRESH on the first day. As the school year visit the thrift store, the mall, and even you mom’s closet, to find cute accessories to wear with your uniform.

Back to School: Unique Uniform

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