FYI: What happened to Fab Glance (NASHVILLE)?

As I was setting up blogs for the week, it occured to me that I failed to inform my readers that the webs site no longer resides at it’s old address.

The old logo/header! Memories!

Fab Glance Nashville is now Truthfully, I forgot to update (pay) for the old web address and it was stolen by the internet trolls who wait for people to make mistakes. LOL.

I can’t even front, I was ANGRY. But then I thought, it’s time for a change. Although, I still reside in Nashville, there’s a slim chance that I’ll be making a move to the west coast in 2014 – so it makes more since to drop the ‘Nashville’ off my blog’s name.

In addition, the money earned from my Indiegogo campaign, has allowed for a major site upgrade. So, Fab Glance was going to change anyway. Big changes are in the works! And, even though I lost a significant amount of traffic, I’m CERTAIN the next year of rebuilding and rebranding will bring me more readers than I can imagine!

Thanks for following me on my fashionable journey!

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