#FabJuicing: All Red Everything

Today I juiced one of my favorite veggies. Actually, it wasn’t my favorite but after a year or so of juicing I had to jump on the beet train. Beets are an acquired taste, but they are so good for your body. I can only juice and drink my beets, I still can’t eat them in regular recipes.   
So here’s a couple of facts about beets: 
  • Beets can help you relax! Why? Because beets contain betaine, a substance that relaxes the minds and is used to help with depression. 
  • Drinking beet juice may help to lower blood pressure because beets contain nitrates. Nitric acid helps relax and dilate your blood vessels which improves blood flow
  • Beets are perfect to add to you detox program! The betalin pigments in beets help clear out the toxins that sometimes get stuck to the fat molecules in your body. 
This are just some benefits of beets. I’d have to say that beet taste is hard to get used to. It’s like drinking dirt flavored fruit punch. But when you add a bit of lemon, the taste of dirt is lessened. Oh yeah, beet juice makes your poop RED! Don’t be alarmed, you aren’t dying, it’s just the pigments from the beets. Lol!

2 firm beets rinsed and washed
1 tomato
8 carrots
1 lemon
1/2 red pepper (sweetness)
1 red gala apple

Juice together and enjoy! I suggest drinking this over ice. This recipe makes 32 oz. 

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