MY STYLE: Keeping it summer simple

The short necklace by Michael Kors, I wear it everyday!

So, after last week’s bikini post, I decided to give y’all one of my simple day-to-day looks. Sidenote, I’ve been getting so much commentary about that bathing suit post. I thought I’d be getting killed on the internet, becuase the internet generally doesn’t do well with fat people. But, it’s been gossip from ‘friends’ that’s been a trip. Hmm . . . I’ll discuss that later. Let’s get into this week’s look.

Listen, I can be super simple when it comes to getting dressed. You know, I’m a FAN of black leggings. Seriously, 82% of my outfits are anchored about black leggings. I had a this inclination to find tunic style shirts this summer, just so I could wear more leggings. This shirt, from Torrid, is my absolute favorite. Purchase a similar shirt here.

If I weren’t so tall, I could wear this shirt as a dress. But it looks too cute as a shirt. I love the lace detail in the back. There’s even a bit of chiffon to give it a ruffle effect. Seriously, I wear this shirt every weekend! I love it so!

Oh yeah, my hair, don’t you love it! I took my braids out (read about that here). These fun afro puffs are super easy to do. I’ve received loads of compliments.

What’s your go-to look for the weekends? let me know in the comments section.

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