MY STYLE: Maximum Denim

Trying not to be scared of the bugs . . .
Today’s look is a nod to fall . . . it’s coming guys. When I feel that crisp in the air, I pull out my favorite denim shirt. Yup, you’ve seen this shirt plenty times and you’ll see it plenty more. It’s just the best transitional piece for every season. 

Straight from Walmart’s men’s department, this was the best $12 I’ve ever spent. Sometimes, I roll up the sleeves, sometimes I tie it up as a crop, and sometimes I cinch it with a belt. Come to think of it, this whole look is from walmart and target. The dress, yup, it’s a dress is from Target. The bag and belt, too. This is one of those looks that you pull together, then realize, “Hmm, why haven’t I worn this before?”

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