MY STYLE: Sometimes you win . . .

You ever have an outfit that everyone else loves, but it’s not your favorite? But then, if you wear it enough times, it’s starts to grow on you. Yup, that’s what happened with this look. It’s part thrift and part things I found in my closet – and it came together quite nicely. I’m here to say, trying new things is a great way to enhance your personal style. 

I purchased this drop waist slip dress from my friend Codie. She kinda talked me into it. First up, I don’t usually like the color brown and I don’t like drop waist dresses. However, I really wanted to try a new style and this actually came out all good. I even found this scarf, purchased at a random airport shop, that was a perfect match for this look.

Someone has got to help me on my scarf-tying skills. But, I think I did alright. I went to brunch with friends and they loved this look.  Also, I’ve been rocking this wig, because lazy, and I’ve gotten great reviews about it too. Just winning all around!
Details: Turtleneck – Target, Scarf – Amazon, Purse – Sole Society, Boots – The Avenue

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