MY STYLE: Shapes and Sizes

Can you smell spring on the horizon?! I know I can! So when Nashville got a couple days of 60 degree weather, I had to break out one of my favorite dresses. I realized I never shot this dress for the blog, even though it’s one of my FAVORITE dresses. I actually wore this dress on the first day of Nashville Fashion Week 2015 – click here to see my looks from NFW2015. I didn’t get to give you all the details, so I thought, let me break this dress out for these first glimpses of spring.

When I first saw this dress on, I wasn’t immediately attracted to it. I thought it was shapeless and the pattern was pretty bold. But when you are dressing for a fashion week, sometimes you need to step out of your box. As a pear shaped plus-size woman, I tend to wear more waist cinching looks. But this one, was a bit different and . . . it worked.

What I didn’t realized about a ‘shapeless’ dress was that your actual shape/figure is what gives the dress more life. You have more boobs, more butt, or more thighs, then this dress will look different on different figures. For me, I have ALL the hips and butt, so this dress ended up looking pretty fly. This dress was a fave by lots of you on my Instagram

Now let’s talk about that old rule that big/fat/plus-size women can’t wear bold prints. LIES! Bold prints are for EVERYONE! This bold geometric print can even hide some parts of your body that you may not be so happy with. Also, if you like it, then rock it. After-while, you can’t always worry about the ‘rules’, sometimes you just have to have fun.

I wish I could give you the link to purchase this dress. Sadly, it’s sold out. But use this look as inspiration for your spring shopping. Try a dress in a shape or print that you wouldn’t usually try. You might surprise yourself.

Have you rocked a style that you thought you would never try? Let me know in the comments section!

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