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We are well into 2017 (well like two weeks) but I know as soon as I snap my fingers, we’ll be into spring. Before I get caught up in EVERYTHING that’s happening for 2017, I wanted to step back and ask you guys what you need from Fab Glance? I’ve had the pleasure of blogging for almost eight years, and I’ve shared a bunch of stuff with you over the years. I always want to make sure I’m giving the readers what you need from the site.

Last year I was happy to share lots of experiences and events with you. I worked hard to share brands with you that you’d ACTUALLY use and shop at. Along with making sure my style posts are on point. I know it’s very important for me to show what plus size women wear while showcasing my personal style. But still . . . I feel there may be a void. So, comment below with what you NEED Fab Glance to do offer you.

Right now here’s some elements I’m bringing to the Fab Glance Experience:

  • I’m working on my book, a style guide for the everyday woman
  • In the late winter/early spring I want to start doing Facebook & Instagram LIVE sessions
  • Summer/Fall – A plus-size style event here in Nashville (Y’all been asking for it)
  •  . . .  an Online Boutique (shhh)

Those are some big goals for the year, but without big goals you won’t make big moves. Shoot for the stars, at least you’ll get off the ground. So, here we go. I’m gonna work hard to make 2017 and amazing year for the Fab Glance Family! I know you beleive in me, so I believe in myself.

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