VLOG | Follow me to the 2017 Black Music Honors Red Carpet

Last week I was invited to cover the Red Carpet for the 2017 Black Music Honors! Listen, I’m not gonna front, your girl was kinda hype! I’ve met a couple of celebrities in my life, the best of which was Whitney Houston (maybe I’ll do a YouTube video about that), so it’s hard for me to get too hype about talented people. But, the Black Music Honors, is an amazing new program that celebrates the achievements of black people in black music. When we get the chance to honor each other on a large stage, we should really be happy about it.

FullSizeRender 36
The 2017 Black Music Honors stage

That’s why I dusted off my camera skills and hopped on that red carpet. Back in the old days of FabGlance (when I was Fab Glance Nashville) I covered way more celebrity stories, events, and red carpets. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, I love me some celebrity gossip but there’s more than enough outlets that cover gossip. But, when I have the chance to cover celebs doing amazing things (and I can be there in person), I gotta be on that carpet!

FullSizeRender 37
Back on the Red Carpet

The video below give you some of the fun of the Black Music Honors Red Carpet, plus I slid in a couple snippets from the show. The two-hour production will air in September on Bounce TV and other channels. Once we get the info, I’ll definitely let everyone know!

The Jacksons, 2017 Honorees

So, who did I see/meet on the red carpet? Dude! I met the Jacksons! Well, three of the Jacksons (Michael couldn’t be with us). But, for real, the Jacksons are music ROYALTY! The were honorees for the night and they performed the hits from their Jackson 5 days. I’d have to say, they still ‘got it’!

Oleta Adams, 2017 Honoree

There were lots of other amazing artists on stage and on the red carpet too including the 2017 honorees: Oleta Adams, Guy, Slick Rick, Jody Watley, and Donnie McClurkin. During the show, each honoree receives a performance of their greatest hits by their musical peers. Seriously, next year, you should be there. It’s amazing that a show like this is produced in Nashville. It goes to show how amazing our city has become!

One of the hosts for the evening, Latoya Luckett (y’all know this gets me ONE STEP closer to Beyonce!)

So, check out my video below to see more celebs and all the fun we had on the carpet. I post new YouTube videos every week, so you gotta subscribe to stay up-to-date!


Wanna see all the photos I took on the carpet? Take a look:

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