#ShowYourArms 2017 – A Review

Summer is coming to a close but I can’t let it leave without wrapping up my FAVORITE campaign! The #ShowYourArms campaign was amazing for a second year in a row.As you know, the #ShowYourArms campaign is an online photo tagging campaign that was created to celebrate body positivity. The simple act of showing your arms (wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress) is one step to celebrate the body that you have right now. Sharing your body positive photo online can only help your other women feel more confident too!

#ShowYourArms | FABGLANCE

This year I wanted to have more than 1000 tags. We didn’t quite reach that goal, but I was excited to receive the support of a some of the TOP Plus Size Blogger in the game including Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista,   Cece Olisa the Founder of Curvy Con, Ty Alexander of Gorgeous In Grey , and Amber from Stye Plus Curves. Asking these ladies to join the movement was so scary for me to do. Everyone hates rejection! But they happily said yes, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

On top of that, so many readers from across the globe tagged their photos on Instagram and joined the movement! From Paris, to Holland, to right here in Nashville, everyday I saw new photos being tagged with the #ShowYourArms tag! This year we had 400 tags! Wow! And, when I attended the #TCFStyleExpo, I had so many ladies come to me saying how they were proud of the campaign.

So, THANK YOU! Thank you for participating, spreading the word, standing in solidarity, and being confident. Next year, oh, I got plans! We WILL hit the 1000 tag mark! But more importantly, we will set more women free to love the body they have, fat arms and all!

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