MOTIVATION: Don’t be afraid to be famous!

I tried to play it off, but y’all I currently have a tweet that is going viral and I AM HYPE! Yes, the tweet below, about Issa Rae‘s hit show, Insecure, is currently at 11K retweets and likes!

UPDATE: My tweet has been featured on USA TODAY! Y’all!!!! Click Here to read the article.

I’ve followed Issa Rae since her humble beginnings on YouTube. Now she’s one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood. The fact that she may have chuckled at my tweet, makes me think of how one small thing can change your whole path. Like, some of my favorite social media influencers and Hollywood celebs have re-tweeted my lil ol tweet. I’m low-key excited. Why?

I’ve had a rough time of this whole, ‘go be popular on the internet‘ life I currently am working for. Mind you, my blog is not about celebrity gossip, so it’s a bit harder to get people to pay attention. Many think you can’t live a good life from sharing your experiences online. So, when a tweet, that ISN’T about what I regularly write about, gets popular, how do I harness it’s energy?

It’s funny though!

This morning, I had to realize that sharing my plus-size style (and motivation) is still something that people need to know about. There is a girl, somewhere, STILL getting teased about her weight. It is my hope that she stumbles on my blog, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram  and she is inspired to be her best self.  She might have started following me because of a funny tweet, but I hope she stays for the FAB photo shoots, down-to-earth inspiration, and budget friendly shopping tips.

After this tweet got me some attention, I was sending group texts to my friends like, “I’m famous now!”, as a joke. But I had to think, do I really want to be famous? YES! And if so, have I been speaking that energy over my life and my work? No!


Fear of fame and fear of failure live in the same house. It’s hard to admit you REALLY want to be popular in a world that downplays those who believe in themselves. Like, for as many hate Kanye, many people don’t want to admit that they hate him because he has so much faith in himself and his art. Do you have faith in your talents & abilities?

Even if you aren’t a content creator, internet star, or media maven, do you have faith in your abilities at your regular job? Do you turn in your reports on time, and know it’s right the first time? Did you work hard to learn those new statistics for the Monday conference call? Did you have the faith to correct Debra in last week’s email? Do you want to be the next director of personnel? Well, WALK IN IT! Speak it over your life. Don’t be afraid to admit that you are SMART, you are fast, and you are good at what you do. Don’t downplay your fab-ness.

I know a tweet about characters from an HBO show shouldn’t elicit this much thought, but it’s the little things in life that really make you think. Well, at least it makes me think. This one tweet, has me changing my ENTIRE perspective on believing in myself, my blog, and my online personality. I WILL BE FAMOUS! PEOPLE WILL ADMIRE ME! And it will be for helping others feel good about themselves. I hope this post inspires you to believe in your abilities too! The lane is big enough for all of us, we can fit and be amazing too!

2 thoughts on “MOTIVATION: Don’t be afraid to be famous!

  1. Bravo! Well said! I’ve been on the same wavelength of speaking and believing in myself to do the things I want to do and need to do to be who and what I want to be. Thank you for the additional encouragement!

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