EVENT: Come to the ‘Jack and Ahlia’ Book Club!

On May 12th and 26th I’m hosting the Jack and Ahlia book club! Yeah! For those who want to discuss the twists and turns of your favorite pair of best friends in my newest book, it’s time! Since publishing the book in January, I’ve received messages, texts, and emails about the tumultuous characters. Jack and Ahlias ‘will they, won’t they’ dance has readers siding with their favorite character as if the Jack and Ahlia were real people!


The event is free! Just bring your book, your friend, and argument about who’s the best in this hot mess fest! On May 12th we’ll discuss part one, then May 26th we’ll discuss part two. Join us at Oasis Center in Midtown Nashville, 3p. We’ll have tasty treats and great convo!

Need a book, purchase via Amazon

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