MY CITY: Paris 1900 at the Frist Art Museum

Paris 1900: City of Entertainment at the Frist Art Museum is one of the most interesting exhibits that I thought I’ve never like! Seriously, an exhibit about old school Paris seemed to be kinda boring. But, from the layout of the exhibit to the individual pieces, I was immediately engaged in the story of a city that grew as quickly as Nashville is growing right now!

This exhibition is intended to immerse the American visitor in the Parisian Belle Époque (Beautiful Era). Encompassing the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the period was known for fantasy, excess, and boundless faith in progress through science and technology. – The Frist Art Museum


The exhibit offers more than 300 pieces of art from paintings, to sculpture, interactive works, and wearable pieces. The visitor is taken to Paris as it poised itself as the City of Lights and the place to be. Pieces from the World’s Fair, clothes from the day in a life of a Parisian woman, and gorgeous growth of a tourist city.

Below are some of my favorite pieces from the collection. Seriously, I’ll have to go back at least three times to take in the entire exhibit. What really drew me into the Paris 1900 exhibit was the emphasis on fashion and technology during this time of growth. I’m all about how fashion shows itself in the history of a city. The Paris 1900 exhibit gives visitors a comprehensive perspective on the life of a woman in Paris.

Oh yeah, this exhibit isn’t filled with art from old men. There are so many pieces from women artists. The works are presented in six groupings: Paris, Showcase of the World; Art Nouveau; Paris, Capital of the Arts; The Parisian Woman; Traversing Paris, and Paris by Night. You’ll be amazed how a growing Nashville identfis with a changing Paris in the 1900s.

So, make sure to visit Paris 1900: City of Entertainment now through January 6th, 2019. Want to party Parisian style? Come to FRIST FRIDAY: A Night in Paris on October 26th, 2018. The night will offer french inspired performances, food, and guided tours of the exhibit. I’ll be there!

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