A super quick Halloween look!

Halloween always sneaks up on me! Always! Probably because I didn’t grow up celebrating a traditional Halloween in my religious house. We went to church nights, dressed up as ‘safe’ characters, and enjoyed autumn themed games. No shade, I still had fun (and got candy).

Halloween inspired look with items from your closet. Sweatshirt, trendy jeans, and a sack for candy.
Simple look for the not-so-scary!

Now days, the CREATIVITY that goes into costumes blows me away. From celebs to friends going on bar crawls, the costumes are 100% and so well crafted. It takes away from the scary and adds the merry! Inspired by creativity, I decided to create a super simple Halloween Look last year.

I went on Pinterest and looked up photos of lace masks! Whew Chile! Very sexy and chic! I went to Joanne’s fabric store, purchased a yard of black lace. Then I hopped over to Wal-Mart, found this black lace chocker necklace. Next, I called a friend to do some VAMPY makeup! We played on a Morphe Pallet and used NYX lipstick. Wah-la! Queen of the Night – but on a budget!

You can rock this look with a black body-con dress, some boots, and a cute bag as your candy sack! Lol! Just have fun and look fierce!

Happy Halloween!

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