How to Survive an HBCU Homecoming!

Get geeked, get geeked, it’s homecoming WEEK! Well, it’s homecoming SEASON all across the nation. Most know that homecoming is a time for colleges and high schools to welcome back former students and Alumni. But, an HBCU homecoming is a special thing, Black people just have a way of making things EXTRA fun!

We swag-surf, we eat fish sandwiches, we live for the band, and we are SO stylish! I’m an HBCU Alum (Tennessee State University – GO TIGERS!) and I know the excitement! Check out one of my fave HOMECOMING fashion posts below:

What To Wear to an HBCU Homecoming

Fabglance and the homies in 1998! #DormLife

For HBCU Alumni, we descend on campuses on Friday for the pep rally and leave on Sunday after brunch.   Imagine, trying to socialize, party, drink, and maybe have a secret rendezvous in a 72-hour span! Getting back to our regular lives on Monday can be a STRUGGLE! Lawd, Jesus!

Below, I give you 5 tips for surviving an HBCU Homecoming!

  1. UPDATE FOR 2021: Get vaccinated and BRING YOUR MASKS! Listen, listen, we been in the house for almost 2 years. Many a homecoming was missed. But what don’t want to do is return home with is Ms. COVID! Turn hugs into daps, bring hand sanitizer, and try to mask up in indoor spaces.
  2. Drink Your Water – I hope this goes without saying, but homegirl, drink your water! Drinking water helps fight fatigue, conserve energy, and keep you from getting sloppy drunk during the tailgate. No one wants to babysit the drunk girl! Especially during homecoming.
  3. Plan your schedule – Listen, when I was firmly out of my 20’s, my need for keeping a schedule was real. When I go back to campus for Homecoming, I need a schedule too. I need to know where we are supposed to be and what time to be there. It keeps me from getting stressed and from getting an attitude! Have fun, not an attitude, plan your weekend accordingly.
  4. Buy your tickets EARLY – Thank God for technology! Girl, Instagram is your friend. Find your school’s hashtag – you’ll see all the party flyers. Going to homecoming parties is already expensive and promoters LOVE to double the price at the door. Avoid getting your feelings hurt by getting your tickets online. Don’t get mad when you can’t get in the club because it’s at capacity. Just because you lace front is laid tight, won’t be the reason you can slip past security.
  5. Bring your charger – Listen, ain’t nothing worse than seeing that FINE dude you used to talk to, but can’t snap a pic of him for the gram because your phone is dead. Bring a charger and an external battery for you phone. Also, NO ONE is trying to hear you complain about your phone being dead and asking people to send you THAT picture.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes – Thank God for the Athleisure trend! You can wear fly sneakers with an outfit and it’s fashionable. You don’t have to wear stilletos all weekend (unless that’s your wave). But my advice is to plan a fashionable casual look one of those days, to save your feet and help you pivot when the plan change.
  7. BONUS – SAY NO TO EFF-BOYS AND BRING CONDOMS – Listen Linda, don’t let nostalgia give you a WHOLE baby with a dude who used to be cute in 2003! Furthermore, don’t let ‘trying to turn-up’ leave you turned out with an STD! Real talk! Stay safe and have fun.
Denim on Denim – College Casual

I know you’ll have fun this homecoming weekend. If you are an Alumni of Tennessee State Univeristy and you see me, say hi! I’m sure I’ll be wearing sneakers and body con dress because that’s my steelo!

Happy Homecoming!!

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