I enjoyed working with the Talbots. Even better, I was so happy to donate clothes to Dress for Success while this campaign was being hosted. As a person who’s worked in Non-Profit for YEARS, I know how appreciative organizations can be when we donate. Donating money, items, and your time are ways to help your community.

Cleaning out my closet and helping

So, check out the looks I created with my two cardigans from the O Magazine collection. I was able to choose some complimentary Talbots items too. This was my first time shopping with Talbots. Listen, I’ll be back! The plus-size items were true to size (some a little bigger) and HIGH QUALITY! If you’re looking for cute work clothes and casual outfits, give Talbots a try.

Check out Talbots and the O, Magazine collection. Proceeds for your cardigan purchase benefit Dress for Success. Purchase through 3/29

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