Hello November – FIVE ways to deal with change!

When I took the photo above, I had no idea how quickly my life would change. In one month, I started working again, had to help a family member, and took a drastic hit to my bank account. Granted, I knew I’d be taking a new job, but I thought taking on said job would allow me to have a better financial cushion. November came through and said, ‘Naw Girl’. So, with that, I had to deal with abrupt CHANGE!


And let’s talk about that job . . . GIRL! I’m on the line of liking and loathing it. I like the clients I work with but I loathe the environment I work in, mainly because it’s SO QUIET in my office. My co-workers barely talk to each other. We write social media posts for luxury retailers ALL DAY. Love the retailers, hate the ‘data entry’ feeling of it all. So, that was a change I wasn’t ready for. I thought I’d be walking into this Google-esque setting, only to be met with something quite different.

Not to mention, a family member called me, in tears, asking for a place to stay. WHOA! I love this person with all my heart and agreed to take them in, no questions asked. Do I have enough money to take care of myself (and them)? Not quite, but I have faith that my good deed won’t go unnoticed. It’s hard to have this kind of faith, but it’s the only thing I have to stand on.

So, how am I dealing with all this change? Are you going through a butt-load of change? Well, use some of the tips I’ve used, listed below:

1. Prayer, Meditation, Breathing: Girl. I’m a christian so I believe in the power of prayer. I believe God is guiding my steps and using my faith to open doors and bless my friends. But if God isn’t your jam, meditation & deep breathing works too. Basically, giving your mind some time to slow down, not think about your situation, and allow positivity to flow.

2. Make a list: Yes, making lists has helped me wade through this aggressive and abrupt change. I make morning ‘to-do’ lists, shopping list, and general reminders. I’ve had so many new tasks added to my once free life, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Mind you, I’m still a lifestyle blogger and online influencer, so I’m doing my best to present quality content.

3. Confide in a friend: Thank God, I have friends who don’t judge me, yet KEEP IT REAL! When I wanted to walk away from my new job after the second day, my friend said, “Girl, I bet you won’t! You have medical bills to pay!” Thank you girl! But, yes, I have friends who let me complain, let me dream, and even let me drone on about my current crush (more on that later). So, get you a friend!

4. Get some rest: I know dealing with change is hard and sometimes time consuming. For me, I keep to working until the task is done. Maybe I’ll stay up for 20 hours, but I gotta get it done. That ain’t healthy! So, I always remind myself to get proper rest.

5. Get help from a professional: Yeah, when all the tips above don’t work, you may have taken on more than you can handle. It’s OK to get professional help. I love my friends, but even they aren’t qualified to handle my deep mental neurosis. A qualified counselor can help you understand your new normal.

Photo Oct 31, 10 04 57 PM
Vest – Forever 21, Crop Top – Rebdolls, Legging – Torrid

So, pray for me as I pray for you. If you are experience a sudden life change, please believe, you’re going to be OK. This time next month, you’ll realize you completed a huge challenge. Her, you got this!

Are you experiencing a change? Let’s talk about it below! What tips do you use to handle stress?

One thought on “Hello November – FIVE ways to deal with change!

  1. I make a list every single day!!! It helps me be more productive and manage my time wisely!!
    So I agree!!!!

    I also believe in getting rest ! I have been going to bed earlier and earlier each night. I think my me to all stresss is still keeping me exhausted but this too shall pass! … which leads me to agreeing to your professional help tip! Sometimes you just need to talk to someone to decompress! It doesn’t mean you’re psycho – it just means you need to talk to someone qualified to help you process your thoughts and feelings! ♥️

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