MY CITY: Louie’s Wine Dive, Nashville, might be your new fave spot!

Louie’s Wine Dive – Nashville, is poised to be your newest after-work hang-out! I love being introduced to new spots in Nashville, and believe me, we have PLENTY of new spots popping up in the city. Last night, the team at Louie’s Wine Dive invited a bunch of influencers to sample their amazing locally-sourced menu as well as their extensive wine collection. Y’all, you are gonna love this spot! If you love wine, you’ll love it even more!

Check out the photos below to get a taste of what’s to come when the restaurant opens on Friday, June 1st.


Of course, we had wine! Louie’s Wine Dive hosts more 100 varieties of wine. The restaurant will open any bottle of wine if you order two or more glasses. I tried a delicious sparkling white, a rose, and full-bodied red. I’m not the biggest wine fan, however the team at Louie’s Wine Dive made me a believer. They were so patient, I found a wine I liked in no time!

Next up we had an oyster flight. Ok, I’m not an oyster girl either! But the non-traditional recipes presented at Louie’s Wine Dive made me step out of my comfort zone and give oysters a chance. My verdict, NOT BAD.  Oh yeah, the recipes change every week to reflect local and seasonal fare. So if you love oysters, this is the place to be.


Now, it was my favorite part of the night –  the CHARCUTERIE!!! Louie’s Wine Dive allows you to create your very own charcuterie board with their award winning cheeses and meat selection. YO, this is adult lunchables on steroids and you’ll feel ultra-fancy partaking in the selections! The 10 year old aged cheddar cheese – listen! Life-changing! Get into it.


Now, this is the 4 Pork Gnocchi and everyone at my table literally had a mouth-orgasm as they ate it. I’m allergic to beef and pork, so I couldn’t partake. But the aroma alone was ALMOST enough to make me get a taste . . . an maybe end up in the hospital. Ok, if you aren’t deathly allergic to pork, try this dish! Along with the gnocchi we tried the Tandoori Chilean Salmon and the Thousand Dollar Chicken. Both amazing dishes and definitely worth sharing with your table.


So, then it was time for dessert. Y’all, these beignets with rum butter were AMAZING. Lowkey, I didn’t want to share with the table. I also wanted to lick the remaining rum butter from bowl. I refrained. Anyway, order it, it’s delish!


Ok, so if you got this far down, then you get to see me with these beautiful ladies. Shout out to Alicia and Sunny for taking this delicious adventure with me!

Make sure to follow Louie’s Wine Dive on Instagram. Tell them Fabglance sent you!

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